What I Wore — A Splash of Green

I decided to stop by my favorite consignment shop in Columbus, Second Chance,  Saturday after work & ended up finding this dress for $8! As I have said in other posts, I am trying to add more sleeved dresses to my wardrobe for the colder months & for planning to cover possible, future tattoos. When I first saw the dress I thought it looked a bit “frumpy”. It said “medium” on the tag, but it looked like an “extra-large”, but as soon as I tightened the belt strap it was all better! I paired it with green tights & black boots from Target, my earth earrings from Rachel O’s Fabulously Whimsy, a colorful thrifted scarf, and my Connemara Marble stone necklace that was a gift. Connemara Marble is Ireland’s national gemstone that is a dark green. I was carrying my blue U.S. Messenger (ordered via Instagram from Hinge Home Decor in Cincinnati a few months ago) bag because we had just finished up some homework.


10728734_10205113307978537_1007333975_n 10723230_10205113311178617_1545847443_n

I thought this picture might come out weird, but I actually ended up liking it!


10728721_10205113300498350_25330154_n 10729084_10205113297578277_134668268_n

10719396_10205113294098190_1995896520_n 974699_10205113295378222_1732868888_n

Chase took my outfit pictures (he usually does them, so he’s pretty great) on his campus Sunday. While at OWU I got to cuddle this little neighborhood fluff. As I said on my Instagram post, Jerome (the critter) is definitely one of the highlights of going to OWU!


Have a great Tuesday!


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