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Exploring Downtown Dublin

This past Sunday, Chase & I went to a different church to support some of his friends in a worship band. The church was located in Dublin, so we decided to have lunch in Downtown Dublin.  I had been wanting to visit their downtown because we talk a lot about Dublin in my city planning classes & I hadn’t visited in a couple of years. We had lunch at La Chatelaine – it was delicious! We ended up taking some outfit pictures off of a side road, which you can see here.

10588753_10205061089673112_1729232835_n 10717756_10205038324664001_1997085388_n

10519253_10205061088673087_1799976755_n 10723591_10205061085753014_360153892_n

 10583774_10205061081192900_700533662_o 10720347_10205061081992920_1663776977_o

10682995_10205061079272852_836818156_o 10712201_10205061082432931_1846772211_o

 10718924_10205061086713038_1330539039_o 1083404_10205038322383944_751398742_o

10720620_10205038321743928_1985475337_o 10723049_10205061079792865_1173168050_o

It surprised me how dead the streets were. It was a Sunday afternoon that was pretty chilly, but it will still a nice day to be out. I also did not remember that Downtown Dublin has many historic buildings. Many buildings feature a plaque like the one on the bottom left photo. We debated getting Jeni’s as we walked by, but decided to wait later in the day for a dessert…but we just ended up going to the Jeni’s closer by my house. We had The Calico Cat sundae which features: Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ice cream, Salty Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream, & Chocolate Blackout Gravel. It was so DELICIOUS! Highly recommend this combination to everyone. Overall, it was a good Sunday-Funday!


What do you think of Downtown Dublin? What’s your favorite Jeni’s?


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