What I Wore — Vintage Dress with a Pop of Color

I ordered this dress on Etsy from  Beatific Vintage, which I found out about through Moonlight Market last month at the Stone Vintage/ Beatific Vintage booth (here is my post about Moonlight Market & here is my post for the dress purchased at Stone Vintage). I found it by searching through Beatific Vintage’s Instagram page & I had to buy it! I was drawn to it because of the uniqueness of the dress & it looked on the warmer side. I paired the dress with red rights from Target and my brown boots that I ordered at Macy’s last year. I also wore a light blue jacket from Old Navy (bought a couple years ago) since it was on the chilly side this weekend.


10726830_10205061075952769_1964097925_n 10723114_10205061075192750_1665852630_n

10578384_10205053814571239_1547870157_n 10717487_10205053813811220_2050249907_n

Found this in Downtown Dublin & had to take a picture with it as a Buckeye Nut 🙂


10578839_10205040623681475_1335151066_n 10726254_10205040624081485_79260710_n


 I have been looking for more dresses for this upcoming Fall & Winter because I decided I am boycotting pants for as long as possible…yeah you heard me, pants! This will be very hard living in Columbus, Ohio.  I was inspired partially by finding out that someone I follow on Instagram who has not worn pants in the last 5 years (wowza!) & my somewhat new love of style. This is will be a difficult task on the days it gets to below 0 Fahrenheit or days that it snows all day, but I am fairly determined! I will probably write a more detailed post about it in the upcoming future about how I plan to do this.   I actually cannot remember the last time I wore jeans or sweatpants out in public (doing homework all day is kind of an excuse to wear sweatpants though). I am also going to try to do this without over wearing leggings. I only own a few pairs, so I cannot really rock those every day & I am not that girl (not to offend people who are, it’s just not my go-to style). It will be interesting style adventure that I plan to document on here, so wish me luck! And hey, Columbus, could you be reasonable with snow & coldness this year?


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