Columbus · Concert

Jake Owen at The LC

This past Friday, the boyfriend and I attended another country concert! We saw The Cadillac Three, Parmalee, & Jake Owen at the outdoor Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.  It had been raining off and and on during the day in Columbus, but luckily it only sprinkled while we enjoyed some outdoor music. The show was sold out, and man was the LC packed with people! We had not seen a concert at the LC since we saw Fall Out Boy in May of 2013. The Cadillac Three was not my favorite band, but I enjoyed when one of them did a set with Jake Owen during his performance. Parmalee had a great live sound that was really clear. They performed a parody of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus called Fireball, which was creative & hilarious. Jake Owen was pretty awesome! He had a lot of energy on stage & seemed like a genuine musician. He really opened up to the audience during the performance of his latest single, What We Ain’t Got. It made him emotional seeing everyone sing along to a more vulnerable song that he released. Since it was pretty dark by the time Parmalee went on my pictures did not come out great.

A big country music lovin’ crowd!



The Cadillac Three



10722266_10205028539299373_889697403_o 10720560_10205028537699333_306695437_o

Jake Owen


We had someone take our picture before it was too dark & it actually came out decent!


It was a good night overall! The drunks were tolerable & no one got too rowdy around us (except for the guy who literally peed during the concert…that’s what too much beer does to you). The next concert on our list is Eric Church in Evansville, IN!


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