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Pizza Crawl

A little over a week ago I published an informational post about the 5th by Northwest Pizza Crawl (which you can find here). In summary, it was an event to promote neighborhood walk-ability & show that this area of Columbus has many pizza places. Six pizza places joined in to offer slices for $1.00, so we could vote for the best pizza place in the area! Romeo’s, Grandad’s, Dewey’s, Halwani Cuisine, ZPizza, and Mama Mimi’s were the participating pizza places. I went to the pizza crawl with some of my friends, but also ended up running into some of my co-workers & a classmate while crawling for pizza.

Everyone started at The Ohio Taproom to receive a map. The sign was my crafty work

10719537_10205010926419062_858837572_nGrandad’s Pizza was the closest to The Ohio Taproom, so most went their first


Next we visited Romeo’s Pizza


Then Dewey’s Pizza, who had a nice set-up outside of their restaurant. They also offered three types of pizza, I tried their Southwest BBQ Chicken

974692_10205014970360158_1171126435_n 10715697_10205014968440110_237861032_n

Halwani Cuisine was next on our stop, they won the last year around. I had been meaning to try their pizza for a while &  it was pretty tasty!

10717505_10205014967560088_874650687_n 10720951_10205014968000099_726399401_n

Our fifth stop was the newest pizza place in the area – ZPizza. They also had a station out front.


Lastly, we went to Mama Mimi’s

10719036_10205011411351185_1060280420_n 10715812_10205011412271208_1291785864_n

Let me tell you – six slices of pizza is a lot, even when you are walking around between slices!I started out the night pretty darn hungry and I left it very full with pizza. It actually took us over two hours to walk between Romeo’s and Mama Mimi’s (which includes the time we took to sit, eat, & chat; plus go to Jeni’s…), so we made it to the last stop a little after 8:00, but they luckily still had pizza. The event seemed to be a success! It was a beautiful evening, which made it a great night to walk around the neighborhood. The winner was Halwani Cuisine!

Thanks to everyone who came to the pizza crawl!  🙂


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