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Independents’ Day

Warning: This post is going to be long with many photos & text because of how excited I am to write it! As I mentioned in Moonlight Market on Gay Street, Independents’ Day was this past weekend.  I was super excited to attend this year because I absolutely loved it last year. I have a huge heart for independent businesses, partially because I work at one & the other part is I just love the “go local” movement. This year I biked to the festival with one of my city planning friends, Will and met up my other planning friend and her roommate, Kalindi & Leah. This year the festival was in Franklinton, an area right next to Downtown Columbus that is going through some redevelopment (I am doing a couple projects for school about the area, so I will probably post more pictures at another time).

Different views from the festival

10714662_10204923097223387_446512704_n 10706428_10204912143429549_37736227_n

10601162_10204923096623372_1031738532_n 10708045_10204923094703324_1424936058_n

The picture on the left features a look at the skater area they had. Next to the ramps for skaters they had different people perform hip-hop & rap music. It was super cool to experience this area of the festival. So many cultures all gathered into this small chunk of Franklinton

10711518_10204923093183286_1879166174_n 10542831_10204923091503244_1800826646_n

400 West Rich, which I went to for the Made Local Marketplace (which you can read about here), had all the studio spaces open during the festival. It was really interesting to see the artists work and to see inside of their new work-spaces

 10714818_10204908641542004_802586756_n 10276312_10204908641061992_2040826564_n

On the left you will see some of the urban mini-golf they had set up & the right is a view from a studio area above one of the five stages

 10716063_10204913359739956_92102987_n 10699125_10204906348684684_285059684_n

I had Tatoheads foodtruck for the first time & tried their pizza fries — Yummy! I always wanted to try their stuff because they have a cute foodtruck design, I would recommend it! They used a couple storage containers for different uses, this one shows some classy dining

 10428963_10204906390045718_256717073_n 10711462_10204913356579877_698027594_n

Here’s another storage unit being use for some city planning related things at the festival! They had little books people had created about Columbus & the vision of where the city should go. On the other side they had pictures of Columbus with #cbusfoto. The picture to the right was a project that was run some students at Ohio State in my program for a professor’s business. You had to vote with a pom-pom of what you wanted to see in Franklinton

10708485_10204913355339846_1979494292_n 10714638_10204912144429574_628091711_n

Here’s some photos of my planning friends & I at the festival. On the left we are making CRP, which stands for “City & Regional Planning” 🙂

10708039_10204906379485454_2069465344_n 10708081_10204906387325650_369586519_n

I love brick walls & graffitied signs 🙂

10656163_10204906383725560_263460769_n 10643270_10204906374765336_460045991_n

Now the goodies I got at Independents’ Day! I purchased the green skirt, purple/blue flower dress, & purse from Flower Child for $8! I purchased  green bike earrings from Rachel O’s Fabulously Whimsy — her stuff is so darn cute & I will definitely being order some more earrings and maybe this ADORABLE corgi necklace 🙂 and some small Ohio stickers from the Wholly Craft booth. A  purchased my third Ohio necklace (the first I got at last year’s festival) & it is black with a blue bike from The Lab Partners. Lastly, I purchased some more jewelry goodies from Red Giraffe Designs! This is definitely a favorite local Columbus jewelry vendor of mine, as I have mentioned the shop multiple times on the blog. I purchased some purple rose earrings (here is a similar in light blue…I might have to purchase that one as well!) & a silver giraffe ring to keep my fox ring (also an RGD) company!


It was an AMAZING evening at Independents’ Day! It’s crazy how local festivals make me so happy, but that’s what I want to achieve as a planner – help local economy grow & involve the community in awesome things. I am glad that I biked to the festiavl with a fellow planning student because we got to catch up & talk about nerdy planning things, which I love. Ahh…I truly love my city.


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