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Will Hoge at The Bluestone

This past Thursday Chase & I went to our first concert at The Bluestone! The Bluestone was originally a Baptist church that later got modified to a venue space for concerts. We saw Will Hoge with opening acts by John Andrews & Clare Dunn. Chase had really been digging Will Hoge’s music lately & when he saw that tickets were only $10 each, he snagged a pair so we could have ourselves a date night in Columbus on a school night. I only knew a couple songs by Will Hoge going into the concert, but enjoyed his non-traditional country sound in some of his acoustic songs. He’s most known for singing “Strong” and co-writing “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” (which is performed by the Eli Young Band). John Andrews is from Columbus and he played classic covers of country music. Clare Dunn had more of a rock & roll sound with a little bit of country.

The entrance to The Bluestone


Inside The Bluestone before the music

IMG_6415 IMG_6411

 IMG_6414 IMG_6416

The first performer – John Andrews


The second performer – Clare Dunn


The third performer – Will Hoge


IMG_6437 IMG_6419

The venue reminded us of the room we were in at The House of Blues in Cleveland for Delta Rae. We both really enjoyed the show! Will Hoge had one of the coolest encore shows I had ever seen. Him and his band-mates came to the center of the room where the audience was crowded in and performed an acoustic song. Everyone just gathered around the four of them all quietly & listed to the beautiful music they made.


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