What I Wore — Stripes & Hearts

Outfit post partially taken in the boyfriend’s white pick-up truck? Check! 🙂  Here’s another mixing patterns outfit! I have had this dress for years. It was one of my favorites during high school, but has definitely been abandon in my college years. I purchased it at my favorite consignment shop, Second Chance. It has a thicker, sweater-like material with small white hearts. Since it is becoming more and more like Fall in Columbus I paired it with a white & grey striped shirt from Target (also a couple years old). I accessorized with my new grey Toms, a big silver heart necklace,  some silver dangle earrings, & a fox ring from Red Giraffe Designs.



IMG_6456 IMG_6466

IMG_6451 IMG_6454

IMG_6474 IMG_6473


Have you mixed any patterns lately?




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