Weekend Adventure — Delaware, OH

Chase & I had been wanting to adventure again & we finally had the opportunity this past Sunday. We ended up exploring some areas of Delaware that he had never been before. It was a beautiful day, despite it being a tad chilly in some of the shadier areas (I am not ready for Fall!). The first place we explored was an area that Chase had heard about from his coworkers. It was definitely off the beaten path and it was so cool! We walked around this abandon property that reminded me of a castle. It is apparently controlled by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for preservation reasons. The bottom larger windows were boarded up. In the last photo of this bunch you can see a smaller window leading to the inside. It just looked overgrown on the inside. I am assuming it was boarded up to keep homeless people from taking it over.


IMG_6294   IMG_6302

IMG_6304 IMG_6301

In the same area where this building was we found a creekside with a waterfall. We set out on this adventure looking for the waterfall. It was pretty small, but the area was really nice.


IMG_6303 IMG_6319

 IMG_6320 IMG_6339

It is crazy how blue the sky & water look in this photo! It didn’t really look like this either, but I like how the picture came out


Since Chase goes to school in Delaware, it is a place we explore often during the school year. We ended up walking around some of the neighborhoods later in the day. Some of the houses near the downtown are so AMAZING! I feel weird taking pictures of houses that people inhabit because I feel like that’s a bit creepy. But seriously, if you visit the downtown, spend some time walking around the areas right outside because you’ll see some beautiful historic & Victorian homes.

Here are some cool finds during our walk: A Little Free Library and a bike & key shop with a vintage Schwinn Bikes sign!



Before we walked around looking at the houses we got to some Rocky’s Italian Ice. I am a big Italian ice fan (Rita’s is probably my favorite) & it is great that there is a shop so close to Ohio Wesleyan University. Sadly, they are moving out of Delaware within the next year because business isn’t as a successful as it used to be.


Cherry Italian ice with vanilla custard 🙂


It was a wonderful weekend adventure! I have some outfit photos from this day as well, but I will share them in another post this week because I shoved a bunch of photos into this post.

Have you explored any cool places lately?


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