Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #41-42

While I believe that a big part of life is the individual aspect, my view is that a big part of it is finding that other person that perfectly fits you. The missing puzzle piece; and I don’t necessarily mean this in a romantic way. Someone that you can be 100% yourself around them, but someone who is also 100% them around you.  Nothing to hide, everything to share. True, this can be romantic, and congratulations to the people that have found it in this manner, but the perfect friend fits my idea as well. Imagine: someone that you hold nothing from, and who returns the favor. But they don’t just accept who you are, they cherish it.  They WANT you to be you, they wouldn’t have it any other way, and you feel the same way back.  Someone who can make you feel anything, but will never hurt you (and when it happens, make it better, no exceptions). They make you happy, you make them happy, and bringing joy to others is the best feeling of all. With them, you are never truly embarrassed; the most embarrassing thing in the world is but another great tale of the relationship. Truly awkward moments are impossible, and the longest silence is admired.  The beauty of this is that you don’t even have the same personality wise. In fact, it’s the differences that makes it so much better. Pointless arguments that bring you closer. Someone who always understands the most un-understandable things; whether it’s a problem or a joke, a story, a tale, or even a made up adventure…they know. Laughing, loving, caring, understanding, knowing, accepting; this is what makes life great. But it is the people in our lives that make it possible. They provide these things. What is life about? What makes life worth living? What gives it meaning? The people in it. Especially that one person. I am lucky enough to have already found that person, and I am happy to know that everyone has the potential to find theirs.  MSO

Defining life is like trying to define time. It’s such a fundamental concept yet so complicated that you cannot provide a simple definition without using either life or time in your defintion. The book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams, 2005) jokingly states that the answer to life is 42, which I feel just kind of sums up how the questioning life should be approached.  Life is infinitely complicated, but can be simply enjoyed by those who have access to it. Human being possible (I say possible due to limitations of the human understanding) the greatest example of life.  We as a species have the ability to feel emotions stronger than the will to survive and pre-create. Homospieans feel love, happiness, and companionship are sought after as strongly as, or more stronger than food, shelter, and water by humans.  Life for humans is more complex than other forms of life and it allows me to sit here typing this. I am able to reflect on life and see that love, happiness, and companionship exist there and that makes me happy and makes life worth living.  PRRV


I know when I introduced this project I said that I would do five definitions a week, but since both of these are pretty long I decided to just post these this week. They also go together, so it makes sense to just post these two. These definitions connect in a special way that I can’t really share with all of you because it is really not my story to share. I can share that these two are from people that meant a lot to two people that mean a lot to me. Although things have changed with the course of all of our relationships, these definitions still stand true to me and bring back many memories from the people that wrote them. Like I have said before, it is crazy resurfacing all the definitions that I have collected over the past four years & being reminded of the memories with the people who wrote them.

{To find out more about this project, click “Defining Life Project” at the top of the page or the Introduction}


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