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Traveling Toms Tuesdays — September 9th, 2014

For my first Traveling Toms post of September, I will be throwing it back to my London trip again! My first Traveling Toms post from my trip was when we went to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Stourhead on the fourth day (which can be found here). During our spring break trip we were given a free day on our last day in London. Originally, we wanted to travel to Paris, but then found that we could not leave the country we were staying in because of the program rules. I ended up going to Windsor Castle with some of my friends. Windsor, England was about an hour west of London, England by train. It was kind of crazy traveling outside the city without an instructor because we had to figure out how to use the train all by ourselves, but we managed to get to Windsor & back with hardly any complications. We got super lucky during the whole week in England because we had great weather! It usually rains a lot in the spring & it did not rain once during our trip. It was especially beautiful the day we went to Windsor Castle, though.

My Traveling Toms along the walls of Windsor Castle in Windsor, England


Some views of the Castle. Look at that blue sky! See what I mean about a beautiful day?

10149105_10203516724544949_1771279741_o 10147774_10203516723824931_874187553_o

10006585_10203509401521878_877402431_o 10147077_10203516728305043_1446096020_o

10003428_10203498089799092_385692698_n 10147332_10203509366240996_1044283851_o

559013_10203506162680909_155158170_n 1897891_10203506152080644_2021485090_n

We ended up watchingΒ all ofΒ the Changing of the Guard

10148865_10203509365000965_531377089_o 10146762_10203509365480977_1508786260_o

Me in front of the Castle


The Changing of the Guard was a really long process! We ended up watching the whole thing because one of the guys in the group was doing a project on it when we returned to Ohio State. A lot of people gathered to watch it all , it was interesting to see all the cultures gathered in one place. My favorite part from Windsor Castle was Queen Mary’s dollhouse (I do not have any pictures form that because no photography was allowed). It was so beautifully detailed & preserved very well. Since the trip was architecture based it was interesting to see this small scale architecture that was so precise. They actually hired an architect to build the house. It is definitely a must see if you are in Windsor. I was very pleased how our day trip to Windsor Castle unfolded!

Have you ever visited Windsor Castle?


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