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Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival

This past Monday was Labor Day and I celebrated by going to Upper Arlington’s annual Labor Day Arts Festival. Upper Arlington is a suburb of Columbus that is close to where I live, Grandview Heights, & Ohio State campus. The festival takes place at Northam Park. I had heard about the festival from my boss at the salon & have been wanting to go the past couple years, so I was happy I finally could make the time to go. The festival was a lot bigger than I expected to be (even though I read up on it before & it said it was HUGE). There was a great turn out even for the humid weather & spotty showers. It only rained for less than five minutes when I was there & I just took shelter under a merchant tent. The majority of the vendors seemed to be jewelry, with some crafts and decor as a popular second. They had food trucks & tents from local businesses.

I got my ears pierced in late May for my birthday & I was finally able to change my earrings about two weeks ago! I wore my dangly paint pallet earrings to the festival. I got them at The Mint Mermaid when I went to Cocoa Village, FL over the summer (which you can read about here)


Some views from the festival

 10653910_10204746604611182_1265959477_n 10615721_10204745172415378_1091768475_n

10622243_10204746610011317_901182619_n 10647788_10204750486148218_1472625003_n

 10617653_10204750485708207_282056056_n 10654119_10204746610811337_658557804_n

 10668334_10204746606371226_1213841070_n 10544983_10204746611691359_1291920569_n

I purchased these two lovely rings while at the festival! Rings are probably my favorite accessory & I spent probably fifteen minutes gazing over the selection Designs by Kaska had. I have already worn both this week & I want more from her collection. The one on the left was $12 & the one on the right was $10, which are great prices! (here is her Etsy shop)



I saw this on my ride to the festival & had to take a picture of it! What a great way to hold some plants 🙂


I also took some pictures of Sally Schwinn

10656185_10204745168615283_2126089470_n 10637585_10204745169575307_1749700345_n

It was a successful day! Did you do anything fun on Labor Day?


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