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The Grandview Hop

The last Saturday of the month from May to September, Grandview hosts a community gallery hop on Grandview Avenue between 1st Avenue & 5th Avenue called The Grandview Hop. It has rained the past three months during The Grandview Hop! I have been trying to blog about it the past three months, but it is hard to get good pictures of it when it’s raining & the turnout is not as great when the weather is crappy. I went this past Saturday – hoping it wouldn’t rain since the sky looked pretty nice – and it did (not as bad as June & July, but still). I have been attending The Grandview Hop for a long time, as a past Grandview resident. My friends & I would go on a regular basis because it was something to do on a small town weekend night. It has definitely grown over the past couple years. This past summer was probably the biggest I had seen it, with more vendors & mobile stores. The pictures are from the August & July Hops.

Mobile store for Tiger Tree & Sticky Finger food truck

 10660616_10204731913963925_1004803951_n 10602932_10204731914603941_1384704233_n

Objects for the Home

 10653923_10204731912283883_785547522_n  10622078_10204731107063753_1681665176_n

This past Saturday I went with my friend Anna, here’s a classic mirror selfie at Objects for the Home


Red Giraffe Designs




Views from Grandview Avenue


10647622_10204731913403911_1223381662_n 10637957_10204731915683968_1904030877_n 

Like in Westerville Fourth Fridays & Marysville Uptown Friday Nights, there is live music, local vendors, & food. The crowd is probably the smallest at The Grandview Hop since no streets actually close down for the event & the businesses in the area are really the major options for food instead of many trucks & stands like in Marysville & Westerville. I always enjoy my time at The Grandview Hop, though! Have you ever been?


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