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What I Wore — Knowlton at Night

What is Knowlton you say? Knowlton Hall is the School of Architecture at Ohio State. Knowlton is the home to architecture, landscape architecture, and city & regional planning students (some architecture students actually sleep in studio, so yeah, it’s a home). Despite Knowlton being one the least efficient buildings on campus (oh, the irony since sustainability is what we planners are trying to now preach), it is my favorite place on campus.


Last Friday night, Ohio State had it’s Welcome Week concert & I decided to bring the boyfriend along for the ride. We rode our bikes to campus, enjoyed some free music, UDF mileshakes, and lastly – explored Knowlton at night! We only stayed for a little bit & did a quick photo-shoot of my outfit.

 10637614_10204729161255109_266047223_n 10656576_10204729151654869_1137123335_n


Currently, there is a gallery featuring designs from “not only are we not infinite,we are not even finite”


These are the “big stairs” where people can gather between classes or lectures are held

10634196_10204729146934751_694653263_n 10603177_10204729146534741_1834018449_n


Another view of the big stairs

10660541_10204729148974802_810625211_n 10643201_10204729149574817_25956596_n

These plants have been on display for a while, I love them!

10660851_10204729151174857_1261416834_n 10660888_10204729150294835_749142522_n

My shirt is second-hand from a friend, but originally from Forever 21. This is probably one of my favorite shirts, I have gotten tons of compliments over the years.  My skirt is from a thrift store called Out of the Closet, but originally from Gap. I love how it can swirl! Once again, I am wearing my dark blue with white polka dot Toms.

I hope everyone has a great start to September!


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