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A Bike in the Community Garden

I have been biking a fair amount the past week because I have been trying to bike instead of driving to where I am dog sitting. I decided to bike around Grandview Heights after I checked on the dogs & I ended up at Wallace Gardens, the community garden. I hadn’t visited the garden since high school – we would wander around during cross country & track practice to take a break – so when I saw all the sunflowers the day before on my ride, I decided I had to visit again. I ended up doing a photo-shoot with Sally Schwinn (here is my post introducing her) & the flowers in the garden.

10627533_10204694375745493_1474912473_o 10642755_10204694375225480_698400279_o

10627909_10204696016586513_2121849174_o 10642566_10204694376705517_2061046546_o

I love sunflowers! I am planning on getting a tattoo of one in the next couple months

10622288_10204694374105452_317561725_n 10643176_10204694375625490_455864285_n

 10634283_10204694373305432_1417293285_n 10621101_10204694372065401_796781729_n


These were obviously not at the garden, I took them on my trek back up a hill in Grandview

 10620849_10204694371545388_648211092_n 10613952_10204694371145378_892621144_n

By the time I was finished walking up the hill I was SO tired. The heat & biking wore me out (it was humid & 90 degrees Fahrenheit), so I decided I needed a smoothie! I biked my way home & stopped at a local coffee shop, The Grandview Grind. I had a strawberry banana smoothie & orange blueberry scone…they were perfect to give me enough energy to ride back. I also ended up chatting with some girls I went to high school with at the coffee shop, which was nice. I would say it was a successful mini biking adventure!


One thought on “A Bike in the Community Garden

  1. Great blog! Great bike! Fingers crossed you win a prize on the schwinnlocal contest! (This is instagram plymouthfury – also in the ‘running’ so to speak with my clunky old Schwinn Varsity). Will be sure to follow your adventures on here.


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