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Back-To-School : Junior Year

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is starting back at college! So I thought I would share some of my thoughts on back-to-school.

New Adventures:  This year is going to be a lot different because I am going to have a roommate this semester! One of my friends tried to move back a couple weeks ago, and well…long-story-short, her housing situation fell through. I have an extra bedroom where I am living & I thought it was about time to have a roommate, especially to help her out. I think it will be nice living with someone because I sometimes have problems with anxiety by being by myself most of the time when at home. So it will definitely be a new adventure sharing my home with someone new! I also just found out that I will have a planning internship. I’m excited to begin this new chapter & hopefully it will prepare me even more for my career.

Struggles:  Am I a student or just taking classes? I will only be on campus two days a week & work the other days.  My first year of college was at a local community college and I did not enjoy it because I felt like people weren’t really there to make friends. So when I transferred to Ohio State my second year, I worried it might be a similar thing there. Overall, I felt very comfortable at OSU; my major is pretty small, so it wasn’t hard making friends since I would see some of the same people throughout the week in different classes. I think everything will end up working out because it always seems to work out, so I really shouldn’t worry.

Uncertainties: How will going back to school change my blog? Well…I am not sure yet. This is something I am definitely trying to figure out. I want to keep the blog running, but I probably will not post as frequently. My goal is post three times a week. I also have to start seriously thinking about grad school. I have a couple schools in mind, but I am still uncertain where the kitties & I will end up.

Excitements: I miss my friends & I miss learning about city planning! I will only be taking classes for my major (which is definitely a major plus from starting at a community college to finish your general education credits) & that makes me very happy since I just finished my last non-major class this summer. I am looking forward to taking more trips with my friends. I hope to visit new cities & explore Columbus more! I have also begun thinking about my next study abroad trip!


Goals: I hope to find a better work-college-life balance, which would help eliminate the struggles of being a commuter. I hope to become more involved in my major from the start of my internship to getting to know people in my major better.

I think it’s going to be a great year at Ohio State! So, one final thought: Go Bucks!


Do you have any thoughts on back-to-school?


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