Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #31-35

Life is a gift from God to choose Him.  EWH

Life is living by one’s own set of values and experiencing all they can in order to achieve happiness.  AMS

We go through life looking for many things; happiness, success, love, money, knowledge, wisdom, and more. To define life, well, it is a little difficult. I believe that this is because we live in order to find a reason for living. We are constantly searching for a collective purpose, a rationale, if you will. So how do I define life? I define it as a journey; a journey for a definition.    NPL

To me life would be…a blessing, one that you should cherish that, that you should be happy and survive, but not let stuff work and money take over because that takes away from it. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true, but family and community is what really matters. Life is what makes you happy and those around you.  CKH

Well, I’m sitting here, and I am thinking about what life is. I think that the best way to describe it, in my own words, would be that life if the chance to find love.  That might sound cheesy, but life really seems to revolve around love, and finding it with the right people.  I think that everyone wants to be happy, and with being happy comes being with the right people to complete your life. Friends, and family, husbands/wives, or even pets, which all provide love somehow. I believe that everyone wants love in some form, whether it be having a close family, or living alone with a cat that makes you happy, or even a job that provides you with pure satisfaction. Most everything seems to connect back to love. with big things like decisions, and little things like a song. So the meaning of life, in my own words, is best described as a chance at finding love.  CEA


I really like the last definition. I remember when I received it over a Facebook message one day. I was surprised that this was the answer she gave me. It was also one of the first definitions about love. I thought I would have received more that would have been about love at this point in my collection journey. It’s probably still one of my favorites to this day.

Do you have a definition that speaks to you this week?

{To find out more about this project, click “Defining Life Project” at the top of the page or the Introduction}


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