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All Ohio Balloon Festival & Jerrod Niemann Concert

Last Thursday, Chase & I celebrated our three year anniversary (which was the 19th) a few days early by going to a country concert at the All Ohio Balloon Festival in Marysville, Ohio. I heard about the festival on the radio about a week and a half before & Chase found out about the concert after some research on the festival. I remember last year seeing pictures on Instagram from the festival, but did not have a chance to go because it was already over. The festival ran last weekend with the preview & the concert on Thursday night. We got to the concert about an hour early and there wasn’t much to do besides walk around & listen to the warm up band. The first hot air balloon went up right before the concert, then the rest during the concert. It was pretty cool! Next year, I want to go during the weekend when there are more balloons because we only saw aboutΒ 10 balloons & only 1 actually went all the way up in the sky.

The venue was the Union County Airport

10621363_10204613865532788_2064691127_o 10596957_10204611131984451_465652730_o


The concert — there were more people than I expected! We also did not get the memo to bring chairs



Β The balloons — my favorites were the cake & ice cream cone




10597180_10204611099183631_369680321_o 10597114_10204611103623742_1065861208_o

We also saw about five people sky dive before & during the show! One person was even holding an American flag as they were in the air


Funny pictures with the balloons πŸ™‚

10543774_10204611127864348_1934835141_n 10617441_10204611107623842_978441882_n

I wanted a new picture together, but the person who took the picture was a little drunk & most came out blurry, but this one is okay πŸ™‚


The concert was pretty good! I did not know a lot of music by Jerrod Niemann, but we still had a great time. I think his most popular song that country fans would be familiar with is “Drink to That All Night”. He might have made too many buckeye references, but hey, you gotta work with what you know about a city & it pleased the crowd. It was amusing watching them try to keep the balloons up. The Darth Vader balloon did not last very long, which was kind of disappointing because it was a cool balloon. Β It was an eventful night from music to balloons, to sky divers and mini donuts!

Have you ever been to a balloon festival?


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