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Meet Sally Schwinn!

Last week I got a new bike! I had been looking for a new one for a couple weeks & found “the one” at a used bike store by my house. I was looking for a used bike because I wasn’t really ready to pay the price of a new one because I just got into biking again & I plan on taking it to campus with me (plus, bikes do get stolen at Ohio State…). I wanted a bike that also fit my personality and that I could ride while wearing dresses & skirts. My bike, which I have named Sally Schwinn AKA The Pink Pistol, is a pink & white Deluxe-American Schwinn from 1962! I did not realize how old the bike was until the boyfriend & I did some research after we found one similar to it that was also a 1962. I have really enjoyed riding it so far! I’d like to add a basket to the front & a water bottle holder. Chase & I had a little bike adventures around Columbus on Friday & Saturday, so Friday we did a bike photo-shoot! We rode around Grandview Heights, Harrison West, & Victorian Village Friday night.  My favorites are probably the first two from when we explored around the Jeni’s office



10588913_10204565780250686_1613333408_n 10592265_10204569200496190_2021177726_n


10579789_10204565780930703_2038731291_n 10596117_10204569205776322_1969168545_n

Look how neat these bike locks are! The green bike belongs to Chase


We got to see some cool sights of Columbus that I had never seen while wandering around on our bikes

10596110_10204569191375962_1760910363_n 10609276_10204569194816048_952032005_n




Biking is so wonderful! Do you bike? What’s your favorite place to explore via bike? I really enjoy venturing to the different neighborhoods of Columbus.


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