Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #26-30

Life is compromised of living and dying. To be alive is to not be dead. To be dead is to not be alive.  CMS

Life is a quest for answers for a higher meaning.  RLG

Life is God given grace.  MAL

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese and that is life.  KRM

Life is about opportunities and pursuing them.  DPW


This is my school’s group at camp. I’m the one sticking my tongue out on the right 😛

These definitions were collected my first year of Young Life camp (like this post & also this one). Like I said when I started this project on the first set of definitions, it is interesting to have definitions collected from complete strangers & close friends. A few of these were people I grew close with while at camp. Although, I am not as close with most of the friends I made at camp, it was still a very special week with some special people. If I you are reading this & went with you to Young Life camp (either years), just know you made an impact on my life & were apart of two of the best weeks of my life. The first year I went to camp, I went in not really knowing the guys & gals I was going to be with 24/7  for an entire week . It was kind of a blessing because I got to open up to new people & make new friends. Sometimes I feel like it is easier to tell someone you hardly know your life story compared to your closest friends, which is how I felt that week. That week was also indirectly how I ended up meeting Chase one year later because of the connections I made with the other school we spent most of our time with. Crazy how things work out, right? We all stayed in touch after camp for the following months, and some long after, but most of it seemed to fade away for me.  I had not really thought of this until I read the definitions, so I hope that this does not seem like a sad post because it shouldn’t be. Like the fifth definition of this week says — “Life is about opportunities and pursuing them” — I am happy to have pursed the opportunity I had to go to camp because even though not all my friendships stayed, the memories sure have.

{If you want to know more, read the intro of this project: Introduction to Defining Life Project}


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