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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Downtown Detroit, MI

I haven’t published a Traveling Toms post since the middle of July…so I was definitely do for one this week (here is my last post from my trip to London this spring). I have not taken any new Traveling Toms photos lately, so today’s post is another throwback. This post is sorta part two of the one I did on July 15th that featured photos from The Heidelberg Project when I went to Detroit last fall. We spent about half of our time exploring Downtown Detroit that day. Our tour guide, Ben, showed us around the city & told us about the abandon buildings as we walked. Now that I have visited downtown’s like London, Chicago, & New York City, and even Nashville, Cincinnati, & Cleveland it was shocking how it was not filled with people & excitement. Downtown Detroit has the potential though!

Here is the Traveling Toms photo I took under “The Fist”


Buildings in the Downtown

IMG_0674 IMG_0684


This is the beautiful Book Building, which is currently vacant. See what what I am saying about potential?


One thing we saw while walking around was a public park that reminded me a lot of the Columbus Commons, just on a smaller scale (you can see what that looks like here).



We visited the planning office that Ben worked for while we were Downtown. It was seriously one of the coolest offices I have ever seen!

IMG_0670 IMG_0666


We rode the up in the air train to see some different sights of the city



Lastly, the “Spirit of Detroit”


As I said in my other post, I am eager to get back to Detroit & explore it more! I would love to explore some of the vacant buildings.

Have you ever been to Detroit? If so, what’s your favorite place to explore?


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