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Strongwater Made Local Marketplace

Have you heard of Strongwater? It’s at 400 W. Rich Street and is an old warehouse in Franklinton that is a bar/restaurant with space to host events. They host the Made Local Marketplace from time to time & I finally got to go to it last weekend with the boyfriend. It was so cool! I had been meaning to explore Franklinton because we talk about that area a lot when we discuss city planning in the Columbus area. The community is supposed to face some revitalization over the next few years . We went to the Made Local Marketplace last time when they hosted it at Polaris, but were only there briefly. I liked this set-up much more because something felt weird about hosting an event that supports local vendors & artists in a shopping mall all spread out. I ended up buying two pieces of jewelry from Red Giraffe Designs (here is her Etsy link).  I purchased a silver fox ring & light pink rose earrings (I am building up my earring collection since I got my ears pierced in May & can finally take them out in a couple weeks!). These were my second & third purchases from her, I also bought an “Ohio is for lovers” necklace from her when she had booth at the Grandview Hop in May.

Photos of the vendors at the Made Local Marketplace

10575906_10204525424881827_1842131058_o  10590900_10204525422961779_859906138_o


10587946_10204525425481842_175759886_o 10574628_10204525421641746_1960540044_o

Outside Strongwater

10588464_10204525417761649_1506495860_o   10582219_10204522678853178_45570242_o

10587093_10204522687133385_130339666_o 10594200_10204522686333365_878531157_o

My outfit for the event

10596114_10204522683933305_1063623950_n 10592335_10204522688893429_1848081323_n

I love graffiti! We found some cool pieces around Strongwater

10587085_10204522685733350_1812713135_o 10586678_10204521700028708_120337170_o

I will definitely go back to Franklinton to explre sometime soon. I also plan to go back to 400 W. Rich Street to attend another event or try out the new coffee shop! Have you ever been there?


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