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Columbus Commons & Scioto Mile Concerts

Last Friday night Chase & I went to the Columbus Commons because there was an outdoor concert going on. We went to the concerts they had last summer, but had not gone to any this summer, so we were definitely due for a concert in the park. The Navigators were performing at the Columbus Commons that night. We brought lawn chairs & enjoyed some Jeni’s ice cream. I suggested we walk over to the Scioto Mile to see if anything was going on there — little did we know, we found an even bigger crowd for ANOTHER outdoor concert at Bicentennial Park. MoJoFlo was preforming at Bicentennial Park; I would say they are Columbus’ favorite band by the crowd & how much buzz I’ve heard about them. We were having a great night already, but unexpectedly finding the other concert was a great addition to the night!

We parked on the 3rd floor of the parking garage at the Columbus Commons & I got this awesome shot


We ventured to the top of the garage (& were escorted off because they had suspicious activity earlier), but I managed to capture this beauty


10572156_10204518274463071_1604136531_n  10588980_10204516025246842_2134352420_n

10581593_10204516024046812_548922847_n 10595960_10204516021926759_1988129066_n

This is what we saw when we arrived to the Scioto Mile

10578383_10204516017766655_1494771770_n 10595875_10204516021446747_493011827_n

It was packed!!

 10589717_10204516006726379_1213111336_n 10543785_10204516015326594_1376472379_n

10582238_10204516012006511_1514415489_n 10521962_10204516011286493_1889897709_n

I love both of these parks! I had the opportunity to actually meet one of the head planners who designed them in one of my city planning classes last Fall. She was so great! She had so much energy about the parks, which she referred to as her “babies”. She told us how the city did not believe in her when the idea was proposed, but now they are a huge success. The Scioto Mile is actually under construction right now because they are working on one of the next phases of the project. They want to make it so people can have easier access to the water & be more at one with the Scioto River. I’m so excited to see what it will look like in the end. I love Columbus!


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