Counteract: The Blog Tour

Today on the blog I am working on my first collaboration by hosting a stop on a blog book tour about a new novel! I have known the author, Tracy Lawson, since Chase & I started dating three years ago. It is a privilege to be able to host her book on my blog because Tracy has been a big role in my life. She has been like an aunt to me since I met Chase; she even fostered my kitties before they came and lived with me. We joke about how she is Picka & Polka’s aunt and I am Leo & Jack’s aunt, which is true because they are basically cousin kitties!

Here’s Tracy!

tracy headshot

This is a photo of the babies when they were just rescued. From left to right: Picka, Leo, & Polka


Here’s each pair of kitties now — Picka & Polka on the left and Jack & Leo on the right

1378969_10202448384037104_939579474_n jack and leo

Her work as an author has taken off over the past few years, so it is very exciting that she has published her first novel with the help of Buddhapuss Ink. She asked me to do a post today to help promote the release of her book, which will be available tomorrow (Wednesday, August 6th) — here is the link on Amazon to make it easier for you to order. It has been really cool to be able to see this project take place over the past years. Since we live in different states now, we will meet when she is in Columbus to discuss all things life, from blogging to crafting, from kitties to home renovations. I am glad that she has played a part in Chase’s life that has let her enter mine.

Here’s a blurb from Counteract, the first in The Resistance Trilogy:

Two strangers—their destinies entwined—must work together to thwart a terrorist the country never suspected.  The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism for the last fifteen years with the full backing of the US government. Their carefully crafted list of Civilian Restrictions means no concerts or sporting events, no travel, no social media, no cash transactions, and no driver’s licenses for eighteen-year-olds Tommy and Careen. The OCSD has even outlawed grocery stores, all in the name of safety. Now, there’s a new threat-airborne chemical weapons that could be activated at any time. But the OCSD has an antidote: Just three drops a day is all it takes to stay safe. It’s a small price to pay for safety. Or is it…

Imagine if we lived in this world! You would not be able to read this blog post right now because it would be considered a form of social media. To find out more you can read the first chapter of Counteract &  more about her as an author at http://counteractbook.com/. There is even a book trailer that grabs you into the life of Counteract! I have even been given a link for a giveaway for the book. You can enter to win Careen’s necklace here, so good luck!

Please check out her work! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Counteract: The Blog Tour

  1. Hi Ashley!! Thanks so much for hosting this stop on my virtual book tour! I’m glad you had so many new visitors to your blog!

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