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Grandview’s Music on the Lawn

I grew up in Grandview Heights, a small suburb right next to Downtown Columbus. Grandview hosts a view community events through the year & one of them is Music on the Lawn. It is a summer music series at the lawn of their community library once a week during the summer. They have local bands preform on a stage every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. My parents usually go to dinner with their neighbors Tuesday nights & enjoy the music after (I try to go when I can, but I usually work at the salon then). Last Tuesday was the last concert of the summer, so Chase & I decided to go.

Here’s the entrance to the Grandview Heights Public Library


They offer the list of summer shows on the lawn, so the community knows when their favorite local band is playing. I really enjoyed the Forest & The Evergreens set.


They block off part of Oakland Avenue to offer more places to sit & places for the kids to play

10588451_10204495654657590_454851852_o Β 10569638_10204495653857570_930728125_oΒ 10588491_10204497872553036_1519741780_o 10564470_10204495650617489_630362485_o

Vendors will also set up booth in the parking lot across the street from the lawn or along the lawn on First Avenue

10586729_10204495649657465_1454027578_o 10578643_10204495653217554_1277922123_o

They usually have a great turn out! I have been going to these most of my life & I definitely think it has grown over the years. They recently started adding the vendors, which I think it is a great addition to the concert series. It is great to see all the kids dancing, running around, & riding their bikes. They usually leave space in front of the stage for the little ones to dance & sing-a-long, so this a great family-friendly event. I would recommend this to anyone in the Columbus area if they are looking for a night of free local music or a place for their kids to have fun!


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