Watercolor Exhibition Dress

I recently ordered a new maxi dress from ModCloth called the Watercolor Exhibition Dress designed by Jack by BB Dakota. ModCloth was having an awesome sale & I could not stop thinking about this dress! I was a bit bummed this weekend because it rained most of the time I wanted to spend outside (which has been a reoccurring theme this summer). After a break in the rain on Sunday we did a photo session in my backyard.

10570582_10204484498018681_1967770630_n 10515010_10204484497418666_999911715_n

10577641_10204484496218636_719054051_n 10551938_10204484494818601_1233118142_n

10168249_10204481117374167_690206277_n 10566644_10204481537664674_478093670_n

10563529_10204481121414268_2007807588_n 10585640_10204481122454294_933758827_n


1291762_10204481127454419_1761474416_n 10566334_10204481124814353_975119569_n

The green wedge shoes were purchased from H&M a couple summers ago. They are fabulous shoes, but I am not the expert at walking in heels. The light blue flower ring & my small purple cross necklace were purchased from Forever 21 many years back. The Vera Bradley handbag was a present from a friend for my birthday (she actually ended up buying herself one too because she loved it so much!). In the last two pictures I am holding a stuffed Pascal from Tangled that I got at the Disney store in London this past spring. He matched my dress & matched the scenery.

I love the dress! It is a bit fancier than I thought it would be because of the material, but that’s okay with me! I’m excited to wear it to a fancy event with the green wedges because when I wore it out during the day I wore sandals.

Have a happy weekend & Welcome to the month of August!


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