Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #16-20

Life is living and breathing God. Living for God and doing things that most wouldn’t, in a good way.  JTL

Life is like a stream. Twists and turns, bumps along the way. And also estuaries filled with other life, but all streams lead to where larger streams begin.  NTK

Life is like a blast of enjoyment and a huge rollercoaster.  MTA

Life should not be taken seriously and should be lived for the creator of life.  CDH

Life is an obstacle course, you face different things but you always find your way to the end.  PSA


This week the definitions are pretty short! I think these are from strangers I asked while I was at Young Life camp my first year. At least a quarter of the definitions are from people I asked while I was at Young Life camp for two consecutive summers. Since Young Life’s mission statement is about how youth should have the opportunity to know Jesus & be loved by him, a majority of the people I asked had definitions that reflected on that idea. The two weeks I spent at Young Life camp are still of the two best weeks of my life because of the activities, friends, & how close I felt to God. I do not feel as close to God now as I did then, but I still desire that relationship. The photo is from Rockbridge Young Life camp, my second summer at a Young Life camp.

{If you want to know more, read the intro of this project: Introduction to Defining Life Project}


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