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Best Breakfast in Columbus : Katalina’s Cafe

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day & I think breakfast food is the best kind of food. With that said, my favorite breakfast place in Columbus would have to be Katalina’s Cafe Corner. 10588574_10204498575410607_1054472424_n The boyfriend & I discovered Katalina’s last summer. It is located on the corner of Pennsylvania & 3rd Avenue in Victorian Village/ Harrison West. We tell everyone that Katalina’s is a must if you are visiting Columbus or have never been.

The new menu


Lots of drink options!



We enjoyed our last Valentine’s Day celebration at this window counter spot


They are known for their pancake balls. What is a pancake ball? Imagine a small pancake topped with Nutella or apple butter & then more pancake, but in a round shape; or a ball of pancake filled with the topping. We actually have made our own pancake balls at home, but Katalina’s stands to be the best. They serve pancake balls with a side of sweet & spicy or regular bacon. 


I would compare the atmosphere & the grade of awesomeness to Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina & Sky Blue Cafe in East Nashville, Tennessee (which I wrote about in this post). I love the character of the location & the way the employee’s make it feel.  10582314_10204497870432983_1109004569_n

Chase got me a shirt from Katalina’s for Christmas this past year & I decided to wear it on our most recent breakfast outing



If you go when they are busy, a table can be hard to find. The patio is such a great place to sit & watch everything in the neighborhood


What’s your favorite breakfast place?


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