Colorful Deer Head

I have not been posting many craft projects. I usually only have time to craft late at night because I work on school work for my summer class most evenings. Although, this is my recent finished project! I think I will be redoing my dining room & this will be hung on the wall when I figure out the best place for it!

I started out by using some light green wall paint for the base coat


Once the light green dried, I add some light purple wall paint stripes. Then, I added some light yellow & light pink polka dots


Earlier this week I added the final touches to the piece.  I added blue swirls, orange stars, small green stripes & grey polka dots


I really like how it turned out! It took me three separate nights to complete this. I got this at Michael’s Craft Store for less than $15.00. I had been looking for an animal head (of course, not a real one) to decorate my wall. This one was great because I could design it however I wanted.

Have you crafted a faux animal head before?


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