Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #11-15

Well the way I see life, it is an adventure. Like walking a very long path. There are forks in the road to different paths to take. You meet different people, good and bad. You should feel fortunate to at least have had company while on your journey through life.  CWM

Life is a chance to observe nature’s beauty before we become a part of it.  MAF

Life is hard to explain, it’s the only thing humans cannot explain and will never be able to explain. It started with Adam and Eve? Darwin? Who honestly knows? No one at all. Unless someone or something has lived through the evolution of life no one will ever know. Life is thought, life is the minds of brilliant people, life is worth living. That is all we know.  BTS

Life is a ton of really awesome moments with people that you love, and then just time in between. Real life is the awesome times with awesome people. Even the hard times, if you have the people that you love there to support you, it makes life bearable.   SAM

Life is very great and take very good chances while you can and have a positive attitude and thank Christ.  MGG


I really like the second definition. It seems to be more true to my lifestyle now compared to when I started this project. As you can read in my About Me, I am very interested in living a sustainable lifestyle & being one with the earth. I even got my first tattoo in the beginning of June, which is of a recycling sign (also pictured in the About Me section). I got this because I believe strongly in the concept of “recycle, reduce, reuse” & how that makes you feel more connected with the earth we live in.

Is there a definition you relate with this week?

{If you want to know more, read the intro of this project: Introduction to Defining Life Project}


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