Adventure · Columbus

Weekend Adventure — Biking Columbus

This past weekend the boyfriend & I did a lot of biking around Columbus! We had not explored Columbus in a while because of our vacations/road trips, so we were do for some Columbus time. There were a lot of events going on this weekend too! A few events that took place this past weekend were the Jazz & Rib Fest, the Consignment Crawl, the Short North Sale, & the German Village Art Crawl.


We biked from my house to the Short North to partake in the sales & grab some dinner at Northstar Cafe. We ended our trip in the Short North with some salty caramel frozen custard from Whit’s.

Let’s talk about how cute these living spaces are! I kept telling Chase about how much I want to live in one of these apartment/condos in the Short North. I hope to live in a residential unit like this some day, even if I am not in Columbus


10564873_10204420175490658_750897286_n 10526660_10204420424816891_1137139616_n

Next we biked to German Village. We intended to walk around the art crawl, but the sun was just starting to set, so we visited the Book Loft & started our ride back.


We biked along the Scioto trail & stopped at the Scioto Audubon center to take some pictures of the sunset. We finished our ride going through the mess of Jazz & Rib fest back to my house.

This was my favorite photos that I took during the trip. The sunset looked so beautiful!


I loved being able to see all the different views of the Columbus skyline

10564659_10204420156090173_2001058920_n 10569908_10204420161250302_1599650465_n


Chase took many outfit pictures for me because I love this outfit! I bought the skirt at one of the stops on the Consignment Crawl (& my favorite resale shop) , Second Chance. The top & cardigan are clothes my friends gave me & I am wearing these Toms.

10568719_10204420418496733_989742134_n 10568011_10204420156730189_1004437477_n


It was a very adventurous Saturday! We probably biked around ten miles around Columbus. This was the first time I had used my bike to get around the city & it wasn’t that hard! I was a little nervous when we went through some areas downtown & in the Short North, but Chase was a good leader. I plan to use my bike more & hopefully get a new one since mine looks like it’s for a preteen.


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