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Traveling Toms Tuesdays — July 22, 2014

Here’s another throwback TTT from my first time abroad! Over spring break I had the opportunity to travel to London, England with some of my classmates in the Knowlton School of Architecture. Before the trip we learned about the history of London, architects from London, & practiced sketching. We explored all over London & even some other areas in England during our week long adventure. Today’s post is about our fourth day in England!

On the the fourth day in London we took a bus ride to Stonehenge, Stourhead Gardens, & Salisbury Cathedral. We started our day at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England; which is about an hour southwest from London. Stonehenge was one of the places I was most excited to see before the trip. Since we arrived in the late morning we got to see the stones covered in a light fog. It kind of surprised me of actually how small the stones were up close, I imagined them to be much bigger. The way you approach the stones has changed over the years. We parked at the new visitors center & then a shuttle (which was an 8 minute ride) took us to see the stones.

1970592_10203505775631233_232846551_n 10013351_10203505774351201_1160896184_n

The Traveling Toms photo was just in front of the stones since you cannot pass the rope. When I was taking the photo people also visiting the stones started laughing at what I was doing. I told them something like “I know I look silly, but this is my travel object, so I take pictures with it at places I have been to!”. They thought it was a clever idea!

1800222_10203506238802812_621788748_nAfter Stonehenge, we drove to Stourhead Gardens. We walked around the garden & sketched some of the landscape. The gardens are completely constructed, which kind of bothers me, but it was a pretty sight.

1505010_10203505786431503_2003159933_n 1173650_10203505842472904_1724967685_n1911839_10203505831992642_219315842_n 1911629_10203505789391577_1570529132_n

I took the photo on some of the rocks that overlooked the water


Our last stop was the Salisbury Cathedral. It has the tallest spire in England & showcases the Magna Carta in the Chapter House. We had an excellent tour to the top of the Cathedral & sketched inside the church after the tour. Even though it was not as big & tall as Saint Paul’s Cathedral (which we visited earlier in the week) it was quite the climb to the top! The structures that you walk up are very tight & old, which caused some people to be a little frightened.

This was one of the only sacred places that we were actually allowed to take pictures inside

1959248_10203505853553181_2109707679_n 923512_10203505859673334_396275813_n

1902836_10203505906274499_1752783045_n 1503948_10203505875753736_601459444_n 1912189_10203505882433903_840589747_n 1240036_10203505907394527_512307809_n

This was taken from the top of the Cathedral overlooking the town of Salisbury

One really nice part about this day was the coach ride. We got to catch up on our sleep (or sketches). I hope to take another trip to England in the future & spend some more time in the countryside. We passed some cute bed & breakfast places on our bus ride that would be fun to go back to. I also wish we would have had more time in Salisbury, so maybe I will go back there someday.

Have you ever been to Stonehenge, Stourhead, and/or Salisbury?


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