Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #6-10

Life is what is given to us to mess around with until someday we learn to enjoy it more than anything.  LMS

Life is the thing we live, it’s what we make our own, we personalize it, add a splash of talent (whatever your talent may be). Life is full of mysteries, it’s meant for us to dig deeper into, and find what we are really here to do. When people tell me I have no life, I always say “No, I have a life, the life I want to live, I don’t have your life, and that’s fine with me!”. So, live your life with no regrets, take chances (if you wish to), you only get your life once, don’t let someone else tell you how to run it!  REP

Life is God’s gift that he gave to all He created.  CCC

Life is the active chasing after God and the fullness and joy that comes from that.  HNC

I don’t understand how people go through their lives without doing things. I feel life is about getting out there and trying everything that you’ve always wanted to try. I, personally, spend too many days at home and bored when I should be writing a song or…running. If people sit around every single day of their entire lives, how does that not suck? Even when you aren’t traveling the world or something, you can always find more productive things to do than watch T.V.. I’m probably just saying this to make myself do more, but I really do believe that life is all about experience and if you don’t have any, it doesn’t really count.  AIH


Want to know more? Read the intro of this project: Introduction to Defining Life Project


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