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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | The Heidelberg Project

This week’s TTT is a throwback! Last fall I visited Detroit, Michigan with a city planning club I belong to at Ohio State. Detroit is a little over three hours north of Columbus. It was a great city for planners to visit because there is so much potential in revitalizing Detroit right now! I enjoyed the trip & the city itself more than I imagined. We explored Detroit with some students from the University of Michigan (yes, we got along just fine together even though we are rivals).


One of the places we visited was The Heidelberg Project on the northeast side of Detroit. The Heidelberg Project is an open art space designed by Tyree Guyton on a couple street blocks. Our tour guide (who was an OSU grad) took us to the project because we asked to see public art spaces. It was amazing! Some people in the group did not really like it because it is strange, but I LOVED it. I was taking a city planning class about arts & entertainment planning & this was a perfect example of public art to better a community. Sadly, not all the members of the community thought so. When we visited one of the houses had been recently burned down (several have been burned down since I visited :(). It was unlike anything I had ever seen!


IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0635 IMG_0628 IMG_0642 IMG_0641 IMG_0630

The Traveling Toms photos that I took were at The House of Soul, which was a house covered with records. It burned down in the middle of November.


photo 1 (3)

If you are ever in Detroit, check it out! I am planning on making another trip to Detroit, hopefully in the next couple months, with some friends & we will be going back for sure. I really hope that the project does not have anymore problems with fires because I think it is a sight worth seeing.

Have you been to The Heidelberg Project?


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