Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #1-5

Last week I introduced my defining life project to the blog. Today reveals the first set of definitions. I will be posting them in the order I received them, so stay tuned each Thursday to see if yours is one of them!

Life to me is a big fat coincidence like everything that happens in your life is based on what you do. The next move you make can make the biggest difference in your life. One of my mottos and plays a huge part in my life is “chase your dreams”, but how do you find those dreams? A big fat coincidence, whether you just randomly thought of it or something made you think of it. Such as, if you decided to take the night off to think, well what if you decided to go out that night, you prolly wouldn’t have thought of it, or meeting someone with ideas and career choices, but what if you didn’t meet that person, you know? Or even finding the love of your life, you’re walking down the street and decide to go get a hot dog or something, but if you didn’t get that hot dog, you accidentally walked into some girl, and happily ever after, you know? It’s all a coincidence. I like to call it a coincidence with purpose.   NBN

Life is a mission we are given to solve the question of our ancestors.   MLC

Life is living one’s life out to the fullest and never having to look back on something and regret doing it. It is loving and respecting everything that speaks and protecting everything that can’t. Also, the meaning of life is enjoying what’s out there in the world and being happy with what you have and never giving up on the journey to achieve what you don’t have.   LM

Life is an opportunity to have fun.    CEH

Life is a series of events – some are good, some are bad, some are happy, some are sad. A good life is to have created more happy events.   SRH


I am not sure how I want to comment on the definitions, but this group of five is interesting. Two people I have lost friendships with over the years, a friend I have had for many years, & two family members. I can usually remember what someone said by just looking at the definitions. It will be a journey re-reading each definition & remembering my relationship with each person, from a complete stranger to a great friend. Let the journey begin!


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