Neighborhood Nights

Westerville Fourth Friday

This past Friday I went to Westerville for Fourth Friday, their “Neighborhood Night”. Fourth Friday is their monthly gathering in the Uptown from April to September. The theme this time around was safety. Westerville is about twenty-five minutes northeast of Columbus. I have written about Westerville before when I went to Inniswoods for Traveling Toms Tuesdays — June 3rd, 2014.


I met Sarah, who is one of my Ohio state planning friends, at her house in Westerville & we drove into the Uptown with her friend, Jill. There was a street that was blocked off with vendors, like in the Marysville Uptown Friday Night, as well as vendors in a parking lot with a stage for music, & people set up outside the storefronts on the main road. We went into most of the stores on State Street. I will definitely be going back to all the shops because they had a lot of local ones & good antique stores. I even bought a buckeye ring from a local shop called Pure Roots to wear at OSU events. The ring was from Megalo Designs. Westerville has more retail shops in their Uptown, compared to Marysville.  There was even an open house for an apartment/loft that had just been redone above the retail shops. It was so cool! I hope to live in a mixed-use building like this some day. I love seeing the original exposed brick. We ended our night in the Uptown with some delicious gelato from Chocolaterie Stam. I posted this picture to Instagram of my cake batter & salty caramel gelato. If you are ever in Westerville, go buy some gelato from them!

Vendors for Fourth Friday

10512292_10204261808731588_1582908061_o  10516454_10204261807531558_1697321284_o

Views on State Street

10512279_10204261806691537_118240169_o IMG_4348

Open house



The buckeye ring I purchased at Pure Roots from Megalo Designs


This gazebo always reminds me of Gilmore Girls 🙂


Do you have a favorite shop in Uptown Westerville?


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