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Weekend Adventure — Part 2: Cincinnati & Nashville

Time for Part 2 of my road trip/ mini vacation to Cincinnati & Nashville. Now that I have covered Cincinnati in Weekend Adventure — Part 1: Cincinnati & Nashville, this post will be about Nashville!


We decided to drive from Cincinnati to Nashville the morning after the concert because about a month ago Chase said something like, “We’re going to be two hours south already, so why not?”. To most people that sounds a little crazy, but I think it worked out great. Since we were two hours south our trip to Nashville on Saturday was a four hour car drive (with a total of six on the way back on Sunday). Nashville is an hour ahead of Cincinnati, so it actually worked out great because we still got to the Music City in the early afternoon. We began the trip in Nashville we some lunch at City Fire American Oven & Grill in a neighborhood called The Gulch. I found this neighborhood when researching online & it people said it was a newer, up-and-coming urban area. After eating lunch, we drove around Nashville & ended up at Bicentennial Park where there was a jazz music festival & flea market going on. We went to our hotel to cool down after walking through the park.

The Gulch

10494216_10204207156725322_1892767721_o 10506004_10204207158805374_1329228006_o

Flea Market

10503631_10204207156445315_1540596853_o 10487674_10204207156325312_1011295690_n

Bicentennial Park


We did a lot of walking around in the evening. We visited Centennial Park, where the Parthenon is. I had wanted to see the replica because I saw the real pieces of it in the British Museum in London. We walked through Vanderbilt’s campus to find the Ben & Jerry’s store Chase wanted to visit. It was a lot longer of a walk from what we thought it would be, but totally worth it because we were rewarded with our favorite thing — ice cream!

The Parthenon at dusk


We couldn’t resist taking a photo in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough lid!


On Sunday we started our day with breakfast from the Sky Blue Cafe. Chase found this place when browsing breakfast places in Nashville & it reminded him of Katalina’s in Columbus (Columbus peeps – if you have not been there, it is an absolute must!!). The breakfast was amazing! We had to wait in line to be seated (which is one way you know it’s a good place to eat) it was well worth it. I ordered Banana & Nutella Stuffed French Toast Pancakes – SO DELICIOUS & filling! The cafe is in East Nashville, which we explored after breakfast. We visited a shop I found on Instagram called The Hip Zipper in East Nashville. They sell vintage clothing, which has been a big part of my style lately & I purchased two long skirts (I will eventually do a post about my recent obsession with long skirts). Chase ended up even buying a belt & wallet. We also visited a sidewalk sale & some other stores in the area, like The Green Wagon.

       10489199_10204225621306925_391617135_n  10449674_10204219645237527_1332732736_n

After exploring East Nashville, we went to Downtown Nashville & went to the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Musuem. It was pretty cool! I am a somewhat new (well, since the boyfriend & I begun dating in 2011) country music fan. I did not know a lot of the older artists, but I knew a majority of the newer ones. They have a Miranda Lambert exhibit that I wanted to see because I really like her. We spent about two hours in the museum & then walked around the downtown more.

The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum




Downtown Nashville

        10488963_10204219639277378_205587885_n 10476444_10204219633397231_277485183_n


10484765_10204219639597386_700809250_nWe actually drove back to East Nashville because we weren’t ready to go home & really enjoyed that area. It was an artsy area without all the tourism shops that the downtown contains. We kind of wished we would have found this area on the first day, but now we know we can go back. Overall, it was a good trip — we had our moments where the heat & hunger got to us, but I am glad we decided to take a trip down south! I look forward to visiting again!

Do you have any places you love in the Music City?


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