Neighborhood Nights

Marysville Uptown Friday Night

I am going to start featuring a collection of community events around my area, starting with Marysville. I am not really sure what else to call these monthly/weekly/yearly-community-events, but they happen all over Central Ohio suburbs & small towns, so I am calling them “Neighborhood Nights”.

Photos walking through the Uptown

  10474532_10204146442727510_580216090_n 10447252_10204146442207497_1083385328_n

Last Friday I went to my first Marysville Uptown Friday Night! My good friend Donald is from Marysville, & invited me & our friend Sarah to Uptown Friday Night. Marysville has more of a country feel & is about forty minutes northwest of Columbus. I did not really know what to expect because I had only been to Marysville one other time for a planning meeting. The theme to this Uptown night was “Wine & Jazz” — there were opportunities to buy tickets for wine tasting & jazz music playing throughout the night. I had expected this event to occur within the streets of the Uptown (like how the Grandview Hop does on Grandview Avenue or like Gallery Hop in the Short North), but it actually occurred on a blocked off street on the outside of the Uptown (right by the Union County Courthouse). This street had tents & food trucks lining the way on both sides with music at the end. It was packed for a small street! There were many options for food on this block, like cupcakes, hot dogs from Dan’s Deli, pierogies, ice cream, fair-food, & others. Most people participated in the wine tasting, where they got an Uptown Friday Night wine glass. People sat & watched the music in tents or in the grass in front of the Courthouse. There was even a kids area on one side of the Courthouse where kids could get their hair painted & play games. We mostly socialized, ate food, & my friends did the wine tasting. We ended our night with ice cream from Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor in the uptown — which was very tasty & a great ending to our night.

Photos of Uptown Friday Night


10443688_10204146438127395_1727962173_n  10437197_10204146435807337_1436938434_n

Union County Courthouse — a beautiful building 10477622_10204146437087369_712479029_n


Here’s my friends & I at the end of the night


This picture is not great because it was getting kind of dark, but it is my favorite building in the Uptown. I love the stain glass windows & it stands out from all of the other buildings. It looks vacant right now. I’m hoping that we can get a tour of the inside with Donald knowing people in the city.


I really enjoyed going to Uptown Friday Night & would definitely go back to see another theme. I think I will go to the Westerville Fourth Friday & the Grandview Hop next! Do you have any favorite Neighborhood Nights in your area?


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