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My Birdhouse Corner

Lately in my craft world I have been painting birdhouses! My dad has made me three birdhouses over the past month that I have painted with some wall paint I found in the basement & some new paints I got from Michael’s Craft Store. I think I have just finished what I am calling “Birdhouse Corner”. Birdhouse Corner is on my front porch where all of my birdhouses are hung. I have the three I recently painted on a pole & one I made last summer hung next to the pole.

I painted this birdhouse wind-chime (purchased from Michael’s for less than $5.00!) last summer & added the shells I collected from beaches in Melbourne, Florida.


The first birdhouse that I finished this summer is light purple with yellow & sea-foam green polka dots. I posted a photo of it to my Instagram once it was finished.

The second birdhouse I made is light orange with red swirls & yellow lines. I really liked how the red swirls turned out.




The third birdhouse I made was a medium blue with grey stripes & dark purple polka dots.




The complete Birdhouse Corner!


    IMG_4107 IMG_4109 IMG_4108

Have you ever painted a birdhouse? I think they are fun projects for all ages & they let you create whatever you want. I don’t think I have ever had actual birds stay in mine, but maybe this year!


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