Yellow Springs Street Fair


This past weekend the boyfriend & I went to the Yellow Springs Street Fair! I got the recommendation from my boss at the salon who has gone in years past. There is a fair in the summer & in the fall. Neither of us had been to Yellow Springs, Ohio before, but we had heard good things about it. Yellow Springs is a small hippy-town that is less than an hour south west from Columbus. We left for Yellow Springs in the early afternoon & stayed until after the festival had ended.


The festival was much bigger than we both expected. We parked in a grass lot a couple miles from the festival, then took a shuttle into town.There were several streets blocked off & lots of people. It reminded me of ComFest in Columbus, just on a smaller scale. We walked around for a couple of hours looking at the booths, visiting local shops, listening to music, watching street performers & overall did lots of people watching. I ended up finding an awesome vintage green dress from a boutique called Dirty Fabulous Boutique. Chase & I found a great guitar and jewelry shop, called Rita Caz Jewelry Studio & Gallery, that we plan on visiting again so he can pick up a guitar. I got a henna tattoo at the end of the day from a vendor called Hot Henna, the girl running it did a great job! We ended our day with a milkshakes & dogs from The Corner Cone Dairy Bar & Grill. I got a cheesecake milkshake & he got a peach milkshake, they were perfect for a hot day of exploring. We had to wait a while for the shuttle on the way back, but we were much happier after eating.





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We took some pictures in the field where we parked because it was a cool background


I wore the dress I got from the boutique on Sunday to church & to see The Fault in Our Stars at The Strand in Delaware. The movie was so great & stayed pretty true to the book. It made me cry. A lot.


I recommend going to the Yellow Springs Street Fair! I would go back in the fall & I want to visit the town on a normal weekend when things are not so crazy. The crowd seemed mostly from the Dayton & Cincinnati area, but it’s a reasonable drive from Columbus. I look forward to my next visit!


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