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The Story of Picka & Polka

My twentieth birthday was a couple weeks ago & I happen to share my birthday with my kittens. The girls just turned two years old in the end of May. I decided that I should write a post about my two calico kitties since they will probably be referenced in many of my posts. I am going to start with the story behind Picka & Polka.

This was one of the first pictures I got of both of them when they were being fostered by the family in Bexley. Picka is on the left & Polka on the right.


They were stray cats living in the Bexley area, estimated to be born right after Memorial Day. Picka & Polka, with three other kittens, were rescued by a family I am close with (this family has two of those three other cats, Leo & Jack). They caught the little boogers in the middle/end of July, which was about the time I moved out of my parent’s house & into my own home.  I had always had cats while growing up & I knew I would want some of my own when living by myself.  Since I moved out around the time they had started catching the kittens, it seemed like fate that I should adopt one of them. Picka & Polka, first named Squeak & #2 (she was caught second), came in a pair because they got along well because they were caught close together. I decided to adopt both of them because I thought one cat would be lonely with my busy schedule.

This was probably a month or so after adopting them. Sometimes I miss how small they used to be.


I picked the names Picka & Polka because I liked how they went together. When I first decided to adopt them, the boyfriend & I brainstormed name ideas. We both thought it would be cute to name them after Lion King cats, but I didn’t think it was right for these two. I picked out Picka’s name because of Pikachu from Pokemon. I was a huge Pokemon fan as a kid, so a cat named Pickachu made sense (I added the “C”, by the way). Once Picka’s name was picked I just had to decide what #2’s name would be. I picked Polka Dot because I liked the sound of “Picka & Polka” and I like saying “Polka Dot”. So, their full names are Pickachu Squeak & Polka Dot Dos. Their middles names are what they were originally names in foster care, I just changed #2 to the Spanish word for two.

They love the bathroom! Polka usually sits between the shower curtains while I shower & they both hang out with me when I get ready in the morning.


Adopting two kittens as a freshman in college was a huge challenge at times. I had my moments of “Really, two, TWO KITTENS?” plenty of times…like when they climbed the blinds or broke a vase when I was in the shower. But I am thankful for these two cats everyday because they give me something to come home to & something to cuddle.

This is a typical morning for us 🙂


The first picture is from their first birthday & my nineteenth; the one below it is from their second & my twentieth. It’s going to be a tradition to have birthday pictures done as long as I can hold them both at the same time.

427084_10201341177117623_238025782_n 10396364_10204031433612354_1180493260_nPolka is definitely my side-kick because she’s always following me around the house. She is about twice the size as Picka & meows a lot. She loves to look outside & have her belly rubbed.


Picka can usually be found sleeping in my bed, the hammock, or on top of the furnace in the basement. She is close to kitten size & squeaks instead of meows. She loves to cuddle & look out for buggies.



I hope you enjoyed the story of my kitties!




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