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The Map Living Room

As my blog name suggests, I love to craft. One of the things I enjoy crafting the most is home decor. When I moved into the house I currently live in, I spent many nights crafting things to make my home, mine. I am going to write about each room of my house from time to time to showcase each room & the decor that I crafted. Today I am going to start with the room you first see when you come in my home & where I spend time with my friends — my living room.

As a city planner, I love maps! The theme of my living room is maps, & I guess travel could be included in that as well. I am lucky that one of my office coworkers (who is a topographer) gave me a huge box of Ohio topographical & geological maps. I have used them for many projects, but especially to decorate my living room.


This view shows most of my living room. The shot was taken from standing in front of the TV.

10466700_10204133969015675_1054956424_nThis is a close up of where the couch is.

The couch was left behind from the person who lived in my house before me (who was a good family-friend). It has a cover on it because my cats decided to destroy the sides of it when I was on vacation last summer. The frame has a quote on a map paper from St. Augustine that says “The world is a good book and those who do not travel only read 1 page”. Each window has map flags strung across the top.


Here is what you see looking from the couch.

I crafted two signs with some of the maps when a couple of my friends told me that the walls looked too empty; one that says “Discover” and the other says “Explore”. The table that my TV is sitting on is from my dad. It used to be a record player stand, & he took the record player out of it years ago. My dad also made the coat-rack in the corner as Christmas gift. The clock is from a second-hand furniture & decor store in my area called Fresco Furnishings, it was only $15! The string of ornaments is something I made for the holidays last year, but I liked it so much (& it went with the room) that I kept it up.


This is one side of the living room, looking to the left if you are sitting on the couch


Here’s a close up of the top of the dresser

Believe it or not, the black dresser was sitting out on the curve a couple weeks before I moved in! It was in excellent condition (well…except the small piece of wood that came off at the bottom); it was with a long, light brown computer desk that is now in my dining room. On top of the dresser sits a candle holder that was a re-gift from my mom, three picture frames, a new plant, and a cake scented candle. The frame on the right has a quote from “Looking for Alaska” by John Green that says “I go to seek the great perhaps”. The frame in the middle is a collage that my good friend  made me for this past Christmas that says “No matter where you go..I hope you always find your way back home”, which I believe is from a song? The last frame on the right is a map of Columbus that has a heart around my hometown and it says “Home is where the heart is”. I had been looking for a globe stand for a while & my parents got me this one from one of their retired teacher friends! I love it! Globes can be expensive, especially if they are on a stand like this, so I was relieved to find one for free. The chair on the other side actually goes with my dining room, but I don’t need more than two chairs most of the time.


Here is the last “section” of my living room, which is to the right when sitting on the couch


A close up of the tiny table

10439693_10204133968175654_18257376_n 1079197_10204133967895647_1914353003_n

The Ohio cut-out with the decoupaged lamp shade.

Again, the furniture is from my parents. That rocking chair has scared many house guests; it tends to lean back farther than most people expect. Polka has learned the art of standing on it to watch me leave. I decoupaged the lamp as one of the first map projects. Above the lamp is my most recent addition- a wood cut out of Ohio (made by my dad, again, he is very crafty like me) that I decoupaged with more maps! The little table has pieces from my London trip, another globe, and a small jade plant.  Above the table are two picture frames. The top frame is black & white world map that I found online, & the bottom has a bible verse inside of a map mat.

10473960_10204132905749094_1435630045_nIn front of the couch is this coffee table that my dad made

It has a geological map, two different types of currency (from London & India), & a photo I got in London of Trafalgar Square with a plastic cover over it.

So that’s my living room! Stay tuned for more parts of “Home Sweet Home”! The next post will either feature my owl bathroom or colorful living room. Leave a comment if you have any questions about the decor 🙂



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