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Traveling Toms Tuesdays — June 10th, 2014

I have been missing my friends from school lately, so today my Traveling Toms Tuedays post is about a trip to Chicago I took with three of my close friends at the beginning of this past semester.

This photo of the four of us from a dance we had at Knowlton School of Architecture.


This year over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I took a random trip to the Windy City with a couple of my city planning friends from Ohio State. We had decided to take the trip over a series of group text messages from the week leading up to the holiday weekend. Everything fell into place nicely — Kalindi managed to score us a reasonably priced hotel in the downtown, Desiree offered to drive, and Donald got us a place to stay the first night. We left on a Friday night to drive to Valparaiso, Indiana to stay with some of Donald’s friends. It was a crazy start to the trip as everyone gathered up their things and left from school or work to meet at Desiree’s. We drove through a lot of snow that night. Donald’s friends were very kind and understanding, as they stayed up late to wait our arrival with pizza & even made us a nice, warm breakfast the next morning. They lived out in a suburban area with a somewhat country-living backyard.

Since we did not have enough time to explore Valparaiso, I took my Traveling Toms picture in their beautiful snow covered backyard.


We left for Chicago in the early afternoon. The first place we arrived in the city was a gas station. This gas station was one of the sketchiest gas stations we had all ever been to, we witnessed a drug deal right next to us & were watched by everyone at the station. Kalindi had been in contact with her cousin to see if we could all meet up. We were lucky enough to park Desiree’s car in her cousin’s extra parking space. Once we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we began exploring the city. We shopped on Michigan Avenue, visited The Bean, had yummy Caribou coffee (can’t have get this in Columbus anymore!), & enjoyed some Chicago-style pizza!

I really like the first photo of the lifted rail lines. When I visit Chicago again I will be sure to take advantage of their transit system. As my pictures show, everything was covered in snow!

                             1608581_10203082974021457_1842013776_n 1543200_10203082527170286_1816091886_n

 Classic bean picture with the four of us & the city in the reflection 🙂


We had a lot of fun at Millennium Park! We had a photo shoot with Kalindi’s fancy camera. To see more of her pictures you can visit her Flickr page: We did an O-H-I-O picture & someone even yelled “O-H” to us, which tells you there are Buckeyes everywhere! It was also cool to see “MLK” written on the building.

1579733_10203082489649348_146543481_nThe next morning we had breakfast with some of Kalindi’s family & her cousin gave us a driving tour of the city. I really enjoy seeing a city from a local’s perspective. I love buildings like these; I hope someday I can live in one with my kitties.


We stopped at the pier in to take some shots of the frozen water & the city landscape. All the snow kind of made it look like sand.


I took my Traveling Toms picture from her cousin’s condo because she had a great view of the city.


We ended our trip by visiting the Chicago History Museum. They had a student discount, which was super awesome for all of us. It was a nice way to end our trip before the car ride home.

I am really thankful that we took this trip. It made us closer & it is great to explore with fellow planners. I look forward to more trips with them! We have a couple more cities we would like to start to explore together possibly over the summer & into next school year.





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