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Traveling Toms Tuesdays — June 3, 2014

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy! Between my brother’s graduation from high school and my birthday, plus the regular day to day things and my summer class starting, I have had little time to write on here. But now that it is finally slowing down,Β I look forward to posting more!

Anyways, this is my second Traveling Toms Tuesday post! Today I am going to share my most recent adventure that occurred this past Friday. My birthday was on Thursday and my boyfriend got me tickets to see Jack Johnson with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The concert was at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls (which is close to Cleveland, Ohio). Neither of us had been to this venue, but this was our third time seeing Edward Sharpe. I had the day off from both jobs so we had all day to adventure since the doors opened at Blossom at 5:30. Before driving to Cuyahoga Falls, we took a trip to Westerville. Westerville is northeast from Columbus and I had been there a couple times before. We decided to explore Westerville because of a Metro Park I had heard about, called Inniswoods. It is a beautiful park and we went on an amazingly beautiful day.

Here our some pictures I took while in the park. I love how everything is SO green

right now πŸ™‚



Β 10169003_10204036827867207_1500223508_n10425621_10204036826587175_315875973_n

My favorite part of the park was the Sisters’ Garden, so that is where I ended up taking my Traveling Toms photos. The second photo is my favorite because it captures the quote & the marbles.

10425690_10204036827187190_885266694_n 10416052_10204036826067162_418299975_o

The second part of the adventure was driving to Cuyahoga Falls. We listened to JJ & E# most of the way there to get prepared for the concert. Cuyahoga Falls was not exactly what we expected. We arrived in enough time to do exploring, but it is a pretty rural area, so we weren’t exactly what to explore. We ended up stopping from some food at a place called Retro Dog, which was a drive-in like Sonic. We had an awesome Black Cherry Float! After that, we just decided to go to Blossom and waited in the front of the line.

As a aspiring planner, I think bus stops like this are crazy, so I had to share this photo I took from the car. The bus stops by my house (in a less rural area) are similar to this. It was just by itself with no where to stand but in the grass, on a busy street!

10404835_10204036825387145_2123635838_oHere is a pano of Blossom. If you can’t tell, I love the panorama feature on my iPhone 5C.

1978284_10204036824627126_1464005783_oSince we did not really do any exploring in Cuyahoga Falls, I took the Traveling Toms at Blossom, which makes sense because it’s something the area is known for. I had to include my boxed water. Jack Johnson is a huge tree hugger like me! I did not know this going to the concert, but once you entered the gates there were booths about conservation, recycling, non-profits, and local food. Boxed water is better for the environment compared to plastic bottles.


We had mixed feelings about the concert itself because some of the people in the grass got annoying & E# did not have their best performance, but Jack Johnson was so great! His sound is so clear even in a huge pavilion.

This was a longer post because the dayΒ was a packed with exploration &Β music! Enjoy this week’s TTT! πŸ™‚




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