Exploring Mansfield

Today I had an adventure with one of my good friends, Emma. I have known Emma since elementary school & we have shared many memories together. For her first year of college she decided to attend the Mansfield branch campus of Ohio State while I was at Columbus State Community College. Now both of us have just finished our second year at the main campus at Ohio State. She is an art major and her work can be found at

Emma and I drove to Mansfield so she could show me one of her favorite places on campus. We drove to the Mansfield campus (it was dead because of Memorial Day) & explored the woods area behind the recreational fields. She wanted to show me a piece of the woods her & her friends used to hang out. They used to take the main trial in the woods from their apartment complex to the academic side of campus everyday.

Here was the bridge you cross going into the woods.

IMG_3792This was one of the recreational fields on campus.


I really liked the how the trees did this.


This is what we climbed back into the woods to see. It looks like a fort/tent. Emma said there used to be materials inside of it like pots & pans.


I had her take this picture of me when we walked through the field. I am love with this skirt. I found it at a second-hand shop last summer in Florida. I like how it is so colorful because it goes with many things.


After we explored the campus & woods, we decided to visit Mansfield’s downtown. Emma had never been there in her time at Mansfield & I love exploring old downtowns. We had a late lunch at Two Cousins Pizza Co., I got 2 slices of pizza & Emma got a mini-stromboli. After lunch, we walked around a deserted downtown. I am not sure if it was so empty because of the holiday or if it is normally like that, whatever it is, it was a little eerie.

This photo shows how empty the streets were & a good picture of what the downtown looks like.


We both really liked this building. I love old buildings & I hope to help restore them in my city planning career.


I took another panorama of what I thought was the “downtown square”. There were people in this area because a Boy Scout troop was having a ceremony at the gazebo.


It was another beautiful day for an adventure & I am happy that I got to see a piece of Emma’s life in Mansfield. She was a great exploring buddy, so we will probably go on a trip again this summer, but maybe I will pick where we go!




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