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Traveling Toms Tuesdays – May 20th, 2014

Last summer I began collecting pictures of my Toms shoes. I decided that the Vegan Earthwise Green Toms I had purchased in the spring last year would be my travel object. I got the idea to start a travel object from someone who I went to High School with. She had collected pictures of a traveling gnome. I picked my shoes because I did not need to carry them around, I just need to wear them (which is no problem since I wear Toms basically everyday). I started the Traveling Toms pictures when I went on a roadtrip to Florida with my boyfriend as we delivered his mom’s cat & car. This trip was broken up into 3 days, the first night in Asheville, North Carolina & the second night in Savannah, Georgia. It was a long venture, especially with a crying fat cat, but it was totally worth it. It was a great experience & we ended up doing it a second time that summer, but only driving in 1 day (which was an extremely long day). Anyways, that began the journey of the Traveling Toms.   I have shared my photos on an album on Facebook, but in order to make them more public I will post them on here most Tuesdays for Traveling Toms Tuesdays!

Here are some of the first Traveling Toms pictures I took on my roadtrip to Florida:

On the rocks in Pritchard Park in Asheville, North Carolina.


Looking out onto the water from Bay Street in Savannah, Georgia.


Driving along interstate 95 South somewhere in Florida


 A beach in Melbourne, Florida.



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