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Exploring German Village

I have been kind of nervous to write my first “real” blog post, but it needs to be done. I wanted my first post to be an adventure. My boyfriend and I like to explore different parts of Columbus when we can. This past Sunday we went to one of our favorite areas — German Village. This area of Columbus is a must see for visitors or if people have not been and they live in Central Ohio (I know you people are out there!). The houses are adorable & historic, the sidewalks & roads are paved with brick, and there are always people walking their dogs! One of the best times we explored German Village was when we went into an Open House. I would highly recommend this to anyone if you see one, I plan to go in more because it would be a dream of mine to live in this village of the 614. 
   We had a late brunch at Lindey’s. I had only been there once, for our one year anniversary (but that was 1.75 years ago); and the boyfriend used to go often with his mom (who now lives in Florida) so we were due back. We started off our brunch with some coffee to kick-start the day, then we both ordered their French Toast, which was AMAZING. IMG_3612

The boyfriend even took some pictures of me around German Village after we finished brunch, so I could show off my outfit. I went thrifting the day before with one of my good friends from high school & got this awesome skirt with 2 more like it! Each skirt was $2 at the Volunteers of America — total score! I have been wanting to add some longer skirts to my wardrobe because my other ones seem to short now to be wearing to both of my jobs.


Helen Winnemore’s is one of my favorite stores in Columbus, and my absolute favorite in German Village. They have jewelry (I have bought 3 lovely rings over the past couple years), home decor, kids toys, and just some crafty & cutesy things! We love to go to the top of the store & play in the kids room because they have the best toys.


We ended our adventure in German Village with a walk through Schiller Park. It was a beautiful day, so many people were out walking & gazing up the much needed sunshine.  This park always has SO many dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds! I am beginning to come to that age where I feel weird asking to pet other people’s dogs, but I really shouldn’t because I love when people give attention to my critters.



A piece of advice: when it’s a beautiful & sunny day, go explore your city! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Exploring German Village

  1. I felt like I was reliving that day we went to German Village together! Pistacia Vera is really good there too 🙂 excited to read more of your blogs!

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